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Stable Doors

Combine traditional charm with modern functionality with Rapide Frame Supplies’ range of stable doors. Ideal for residential properties, our stable doors provide the perfect solution for customers who want to combine indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Available in a variety of styles and configurations, our stable doors are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each project. Crafted from premium materials, our stable doors are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they will provide years of enjoyment and performance. Our stable doors are also energy-efficient, helping to reduce energy costs and provide a more sustainable solution. Our stable doors are not only known for their strength but also for their classic and timeless design. With their charming aesthetics and robust build, these doors seamlessly blend into any space, adding a touch of sophistication to your home. Whether you are seeking to create a rustic connection between indoors and outdoors or enhance the visual appeal of your living area, our stable doors offer the ideal solution. They welcome natural light, creating a sense of warmth and inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall ambiance of your living space.

Our doors are thoughtfully designed to complement the unique character of these charming coastal towns. They are a beautiful addition to homes that value both functionality and classic style. In Grimsby and Cleethorpes, where the natural beauty of the surroundings is cherished, our stable doors create a seamless connection between your indoor haven and the coastal splendour.


Easy ventilation and versatile design

Our stable doors can deliver unbeatable convenience and style.

These doors are incredibly easy to operate, thanks to the robust handle mechanisms that ensure a smooth open and close every time. Whether you're stepping out to enjoy your outdoor space or welcoming the fresh air inside, you can do so with ease and convenience. When these doors are closed, the lower section remains securely in place, while the upper section swings outwards. This ingenious design allows for quick and hassle-free access without the need for complicated manoeuvres. It's all about making your life simpler and more enjoyable.
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Enhanced security and durability

Our doors are designed with advanced locking technology and multi-point locking systems to ensure maximum protection against forced entry.

Our stable doors are more than just a beautiful addition to your home, they are a robust barrier between your indoor space and the elements. Crafted with great care, these doors seamlessly combine aesthetic appeal with enhanced security, making them a perfect choice for homeowners who value both style and safety. These doors not only look great but also provide a peace of mind with their extremely durable construction. Our commitment to quality ensures that they are built to withstand the test of time and provide reliable security for your property.
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A choice of colours and hardware

Our doors come in a wide range of finishes and hardware to suit any taste.

You can choose from multiple colours and hardware styles, allowing you to design a door that not only matches your style but also fits within your budget. We understand that every homeowner has distinct tastes and requirements, and we're committed to helping you find the perfect combination. No matter your choices, we are confident that the combination of our doors' high-quality construction and durability will provide you with lasting satisfaction. It's not just about a door; it's about creating an entryway that offers both functionality and style.
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Irish Oak


Light Grey

Chartwell Green

Dark Blue

Dark Grey


Black Foil


White Foil

Dark Red


Agate Grey

Anthracite Matte

Anthracite Grained


Cream Foil

Dark Green

Golden Oak

Light Grey




Swamp Oak


Rustic Oak




Charcoal Sticks










Pilkington Oriel Brocade








Pilkington Oriel Texture Coppice

Pilkington Oriel Texture Canterbury

Pilkington Oriel Laurel

Pilkington Oriel Canterbury

Pilkington Oriel Texture Brocade

Pilkington Oriel Canterbury

Pilkington Oriel Brocade

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